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Physical Education Institute
Welcomes You:
Educate yourself, educate others!

Your interest in physical education, health education, physical health, exercises, or sports coaching has landed you on this page. You probably are a PE teacher or health teacher, parent, youth coach, or even a grandparent or mentor.

Our mission at this institute is to provide a place where everyone will learn and grow. This site is for you. We want it to be a place for you to learn about areas as diverse as nutrition, kinesiology, and coaching, so you can teach and influence others through your knowledge and actions.

Clearly, you know someone who can benefit from exercise, improving their athleticism, or learning about health, fitness, or coaching. Maybe you are here for you or maybe it is someone you love; regardless, when you come in, and look around you will realize this site will be greatly improved with your input.

We would like it if you would become a member by providing your first name and e-mail address, we will send you a periodic e-zine dedicated to all of the previously mentioned components of physical education. Members will also have opportunities to test new products at prices the public will not see and with your help will get updates on new additions or programs that you have told us you are interested in.

Even if you don't become a member now, we do invite you to create your own pages! Simply go to our submissions page.

Parents, grandparents, and mentors all have a value in helping us educate ourselves and other visitors on the principles of health and fitness. You will help us keep this site up to date and relevant.

Your feedback will enhance our research in these areas. We also want to offer a limited number of products that are associated with health, fitness, and athletics. We promise that we won't inundate you with requests to buy products that you don't want. We do want you to become aware of research, programs, and products that you would have an interest in and benefit from. We take that promise seriously.

So, come in, explore, and join us. Please, recognize that we are building this site regularly and with your help it will become the premiere site on the web for anyone interested in these topics.

To Your Success

The Physical Education Institute team

Physical Education Articles, Lesson Plans, and Feedback
This page is where our visitors have an opportunity to share physical education articles they have written, provide lesson plans or ideas, or just give us feedback on their personal experiences.

Physical Education Institute Blog
Subscribe to the Physical Education Institute blog and you will be provided with valuable information and resources for your own personal growth or to share with others.

Physical Education Jobs
Post physical education jobs, post your resume, share job search strategies, provide helpful hints and sources to help PE teachers and organziations!

Physical Education Websites
Physical education websites for teachers. Resources to help teachers in several different educational categories.

Physical Education Degree
Why get a physical education degree? Learn more here.

Physical Education Teachers
A site for physical education teachers where they can share their experiences and expertise with others.

History of Physical Education
Learn about the history of physical education in America.

What is Physical Education?
What is physical education really? Here you will find a new way of thinking about it.

Importance of Physical Education
Importance of physical education can not be overstated. PE does not just encompass playing some sport in a gym. It should include nutrition, fitness, and general well-being. Find out more here.

Why is Physical Education Important
Why is physical education important? Without our health and ability to heal our quality of life diminishes. Learn about a great breakthrough in health!

Exercises, workouts, and more. You have found a page dedicated to bring you the latest in exercise science. You can join and become an active member!

Workouts ideas and information for the beginner and busy.

Stretching Exercises
Learn the principles behind proper stretching exercises as well as basic routines.

Are Exercise Machines Worth the Investment?
In this section we investigate what the key factors are in determining if exercise machines are worth the investment.

Sports Coaching, Teaching, Mentoring
Sports coaching is much more than just teaching skills of specific sports. Here you will find resources for those involved in athletics.

Kids Outdoor Games
Make physical education real: get them involved in outdoor games. Here is a site to help you do just that!

Health and Physical Education
Health and physical education is for teachers, parents, seniors, and students who want to find information on obesity, nutrition education, healthy sleep, general well-being, and healthy lifestyles.

Health Articles and Books
Reading health articles and books is a fundamental need to master your health and fitness.

Nutrition Education Articles and Books
Nutrition education articles and books contains recommended reading list for those interested in nutrition and its impact on health.

Asea is a crucial health breakthrough. Learn about what Asea is and how it is advancing life.

NLP Master Practitioner
Charles Barnard is an NLP Master Practitioner, Master Time-Line TherapyTM Practitioner, and Master Hypnotherapist. Charles has his BA in Economics and his MS degree in Special Education. He has taught...

Contact Us
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Privacy Policy
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Our well-being concerns all aspects of health. It includes physical health and fitness as well as mental health.

Teaching Resources
Teaching resources to aid the physical education teacher, health and physical education teacher, or anyone involved in teaching.


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