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NLP Master Practitioner:

Charles Barnard

Charles Barnard is an NLP Master Practitioner, Master Time-Line TherapyTM Practitioner, and Master Hypnotherapist. Charles has his BA in Economics and his MS degree in Special Education. He has taught in Public and Private Schools for the past 19 years working with students who have learning, emotional, behavioral challenges, or have simply had a hard time finding success in school for a variety of other reasons.

Charles first became interested in NLP through Tony Robbins. In 1987 he went to California to meet Tony and in the summer of 1987 became certified in NLP through Tony Robbins. After struggling in his initial business venture he went on to receive training in Advance Behavioral Modeling. Finally, after getting married in 1994 he completed his NLP training with Dr. Tad James and became certified as a NLP Master Practitioner, Master TLTTM Practitioner, and master hypnotherapist.

After his final training, he returned to education, where he had spent the last three years, with a renewed focus on helping those students with serious behavior and emotional difficulties. His training as an NLP Master Practitioner proved invaluable.

He ended up creating an in-school “day-treatment” program at a public middle school in-which he was the lead teacher for 8 years. He then became the first and sole teacher in a newly created alternative program at another middle school.

During these years Charles taught every subject and every grade from grade 5 to 12. The vast majority of his experience has been with the middle school age population. While teaching all subjects, he has had a special interest in helping students change their limiting beliefs around learning, which is where is NLP master practitioner training came into play.

His passion for athletics, health, and fitness, as well as his connections to a professional strength and conditioning coach, major league baseball player, and college coaches led him to use his NLP master practitioner training to do some consulting work with athletes.

This passion never let up and coupled with seeing far too many youngsters not getting the type of health and physical education they needed motivated him to do something about it. He knew it wasn’t the fault of the teachers, but was a result of the educational system and training programs that were outdated.

With that in mind and the desire to test some business ideas he founded Success Institute and then his first web based enterprise, Physical-Education-Institute. Using his numerous professional contacts in many fields, especially the education field, as well as his own extensive background, he decided to provide a place where teachers, parents, coaches, and students could learn about specific health, fitness, and athletic information.

He also wanted to provide them a place they could trust to offer only a few of the top programs to help people achieve goals around fitness, weight-loss, athletics or teaching. His NLP master practitioner background and training in behavior modeling helped to develop a system to narrow programs down to the only the very best. The decision on which of those to offer was business related.

There are many, many very good programs available, but too many choices can make decision making very difficult. He wanted to find a top programs that have a proven track record and could provide him a fair profit.

With those goals in mind Physical-Education-Institute was created. It is also designed to allow the visitors to add content to the site. This collaboration is what Charles is hoping will provide many of the professional educators who visit a place to share ideas, strategies, and successes. Parents, coaches, and students can also benefit from all of these pages.


There are numerous others who provide information and expertise. They help test ideas or products, provide feedback, articles, and research. They are not employees of our companies, but are invaluable in their consultation services.

Charles has developed and extensive network of professionals in Law, Medicine, Science, business, Higher Education, and athletics. They work at places such as MIT, Harvard, Clemson University, and Scripps institute. They practice law and medicine or have taught in public or private schools. They are husbands, fathers, mothers, and wives. Most importantly they are men and woman who share our mission. This network of experts should help you the visitor recognize that the ideas presented here have great validity.

The ultimate resource though will be YOU the visitor. When you provide us feedback and your stories by checking out our submissions page YOU help us determine if what we are offering has value and works. It is your practical "research" that ultimately guides us.

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