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Physical Education Teachers
Improve health and physical education.
Share Your Experience & Expertise!

Physical Education Teachers

Physical education teachers have the unenviable task of having to manage large numbers of students, by themselves, and do so in a way that still enables the students to learn athletic skills, learn about fitness, and or good health practices. Do you ever find it hard to feel like a success?

Our hope is that physical education teachers will help share knowledge, strategies, techniques, and research that will help us all take our passion for physical activity and healthy living and share that with others, especially young people, so we can change lives. When you share your physical education lesson plans as well as experiences you are really helping many more people than in just your little corner of the world!

In large gym classes, PE teachers will have some students who simply love sports, fitness activities, and competition. Many others are simply there because they must be. Very often, especially in middle school, these classes are twice the size of a regular class. We hope we can have you all share your personal experiences, lessons that work, companies that offer great products and programs, and will make this site the premier PE resource.

Share Lessons and Strategies

High school classes offer their own unique demands. On this page you will be able to share research, plans,and strategies that have worked well. If you have great games you can share those too! We also want to provide valuable sources for the best products, not products just for physical education teachers, but everyone interested in health, fitness, and athletics.

Middleschool gym classes can be a unique challenge. On thispage we are allowing you who are involved in the middleschool years share your research, plans, strategies, and games that have worked well. We also want to provide valuable sources for the best products.

Elementary school PE classes are so important in building the foundation upon which the other grades will build. It is so important to get even the most uncoordinated child enjoying physical activity andlearning about basic health. On these pages you who are involved in the elementary school years share your research, plans, strategies, and games that have workedwell. We also want to provide valuable sources for the best products.

Special Needs children need PE as much if not more as other children. They provide a different set of challenges for the physical educationteacher and on this page we will have you share your research, plans,strategies, and games that have worked well.

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