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Asea, Your Health, and Improved Energy

Asea communicates to his team members. There are free radicals who have entered the compound and trying to terrorize us. His team immediately goes to work and lets team Antioxidant know of the dangers. Team antioxidant gets the message and is able to work with all the other defense team members to stop the invasion in its tracks.

This is not an introductory paragraph to a fantasy. It is an extremely simplified snapshot of what goes on in your body constantly.

Asea, technological breakthrough

We did it. The scientists realized they had accomplished something significant, but had yet to grasp the full implications of their breakthrough. They had stabilized redox molecules outside the human body.

These redox signaling molecules are relatively unknown to the general public, but research into the critical role they play in cellular health has been going on for at least 30 years.

Redox signaling molecules are molecules that are produced naturally within the mitochondria of each cell of the body. As the mitochondria produces energy that the cell needs to perform its varied functions, two sets of redox signaling molecules are generated.

The job of the first set of redox signaling molecules is to “activate” the body’s store of antioxidants. Antioxidants are necessary to fight off the damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress. Unless the antioxidants are activated by the first set of redox signaling molecules, these antioxidants won't do their intended job.

What this means is that you could load your body with antioxidants from now until the end of time and still not benefit from them if this first set of redox signaling molecules is absent.

The second set of redox signaling molecules ensures the peak efficiency and effectiveness of cellular communication within the cell and between cells. That communication enables the body’s immune system to protect the body against the invasion of harmful bacteria and viruses. The billion of cells in a healthy body function effectively because of a highly complex communication system that allows them to communicate to one another.

This cellular communication has to occur automatically and effortlessly, not only among cells but also within the structure of the cells. If communication breaks down, all the cells that make up the body’s immune system don't receive the messages they need to do their job and your body becomes "unhealthy". It is the function of this second set of redox signaling molecules to make sure you stay healthy.

These molecules DO NOT prevent illness, but they do allow your body to function to maintain good health. Without them you would be sure to develop any of a host or illnesses or ailments.

Why Are Redox Signaling Molecules So Important?

"We just lost Ronald Reagan Washington National!", the government official reported. "We need to reroute the traffic."

"We have a problem, Dulles International Airport air traffic control just went down. If we lose another we are going to have problems."

Our air traffic control system relies on communication between all its "cells," or various airports. Imagine for a moment if communication problems broke down because key computer programs were being damaged and not being replaced. If those communication problems spread serious problems within the system would arise and people could die.

If the redox signaling molecules in you body begin to breakdown the cells in your body won't communicate properly and your systems can begin to breakdown or become unhealthy.

Many factors such as stress, toxic chemicals, poor nutrition, and other environmental factors can cause cellular damage, which results in a reduction in the number of redox signaling molecules that cells produce.

Without a having a sufficient number of redox signaling molecules cells are not going to be able to repair themselves. They aren't going to be able to reproduce healthy cells, or repair "diseased" cells. If you have "diseased" or "unhealthy" cells you will be unhealthy.

When these scientists discovered a way to stabilize these molecules outside the body the knew they did something special scientifically. They didn't fully realize the impact it could have on human health.

Asea is the only product in the world that actually contains these molecules.

Asea and Your Health

Asea is both a company and a nutritional supplement. Asea is the only product on the market that provides your body with these essential molecules. Asea the product has been around longer than the company.

Asea comes in a 32 ounce container. It is recommended that you drink (it is a liquid) 2 to 4 ounces of it daily. Generally you take it in the morning and evening. Some people take it after workouts.

Asea is categorized as a dietary supplement. It is not a medicine. As a dietary supplement it is illegal (and immoral) for people to make claims that it can be used to treat various health ailments or diseases. People can and do share what it has done for them, but those are individual stories about what happened to individuals while taking the product.

There is quite a lot of science behind the product. Dr. Gary L. Samuelson has written an excellent book on cellular health that explains all of it. Listen to these interviews of experts in their fields.

Asea and Athletic Endurance

Athletes are beginning to find improvement in their workouts and athletic performance after taking Asea. Many athletes have become marketers due to their results. There are some scientific studies showing increased athletic performance. The beauty is Asea is completely acceptable for use in any athletic competition.

Asea the Company

Asea is marketed using multi-level marketing (MLM). You cannot purchase the product except through someone who is a registered agent with the company. The company was founded by two very successful CEOs. The product was launched in 2009.

Asea the Wealth Creator

When someone comes up with an idea and develops a product that provides a noticeable benefit for its users and due to technological factors has no competition they are in a tremendous position to create wealth. Asea is a company whose competition cannot offer what they offer due to a highly patented process.

Asea competes in the nutritional supplement market. Yet, it is not a vitamin, juice, shake, protein mix, or any of a variety of supplements whose manufacturer advertise it as an important health product. The nutritional supplement industry is huge and valid. The products offered are important and do provide great benefit. NONE OF THEM CAN CLAIM THAT THEY PROVIDE REDOX SIGNALING MOLECULES. Asea is the only company with this technology.

Asea provides tremendous benefits that its users are claiming are noticeable within a couple of weeks to a month of regular use. These benefits turn them into loyal customers.

Multilevel Marketing

Some people, like myself, have not had positive experiences with MLM companies, products, or representatives. MLM is simply a marketing approach that rewards loyal users who recommend the product to someone who becomes a customer. There are numerous MLM companies with Amway being one of the most successful and recognizeable.

Multilevel marketing needs to be viewed in three distinct ways. First, MLM can be looked at through the eyes of a customer who likes the product, but who is completely turned off by the idea of selling anything to anyone.

Second, you can look at it as someone who likes the product and is not opposed to selling, but simply doesn't feel comfortable in selling situations and tends to be an introvert.

Finally, it you can look at it through the eyes of a business person or entrepreneur. Someone who has no problem trying to sell or take risks. The type of person who tends to be an extrovert and has people who respect and follows their lead. These people are the most successful in MLM.

The general approach that is taught to people who decide to become distributors in a MLM company is geared for the business oriented individual. Those who get involved who aren't opposed to selling, but tend to be introverts or have hard time in those selling situations are the ones who tend to drop out, not make money, and feel like MLM let them down or doesn't work.

Anyone can learn how to become successful in business or sales. Most simply don't want to. Some of those who get into MLM and are not business oriented people get so motivated that they break through some of their personal barriers and succeed.

Those who aren't extremely motivated to build a business and joined because they liked the product and believed MLM would be an easy way to make money usually fail. They thought they could make money but don't see any quick enough and end up dropping out.

You need to evaluate yourself, your goals, and the approaches being offered before deciding how to commit to this great opportunity.

We can show you how to market this great product successfully even if you are not a business oriented person. Get our free report Asea: How to improve your health for free.

MLM approaches and marketing Asea

Marketing Asea has built in advantages. As mentioned earlier if you can get someone to try it they will likely experience results and want the product. There is really no competition for it. Finally, the payment structure allows you to make money fairly quickly and experience early success that builds on itself.

For the experienced MLM or professional salesperson Asea is a gold mine. It offers one of the most lucrative compensation plans on the market today and a product that naturally builds loyalty. Asea builds loyalty on its on merits, without the person making any money through the compensation plan.

Where we differ on our approach to marketing is dealing with the two categories of people who tend to not be successful in MLM even if they like the product. The majority of people associated with Physical Education Institute are not business people. They are educators, coaches, athletes, and scientists. There are some business people because we are a for profit enterprise.

Due to the fact that our clientele tends to be in category 1 or 2, for us to even consider MLM it was decided the product had to be exceptional, the compensation plan beneficial for the "amateur", and the company above reproach. Asea fit those three criteria.

For anyone who is now curious about how you will feel better because they are taking the product or about the business you really need to sign up. Like most nutritional supplements there are unseen benefits to taking the product. With Asea most people seem to not only gain the unseen benefits, but feel the benefits and experience them within 30 days.

If you are going to market Asea you have to be a customer. You may as well as start now.

Your goals and personality

If you are looking for a business and somehow stumbled on this page, consider it destiny. You will be glad you did. I would hope you will do your homework into the company, product, and marketing plan. If you are experienced in sales and marketing we have all the tools you will need to get started.

If you are interested in the product you need to try it. Assuming you have tried it and are convinced it offers a great opportunity you need to ask yourself "what type of person am I?" If you have no sales experience and are not in real financial need, we would suggest a realistic approach to generating a positive cash flow.

The realistic MLM approach for the non-businessman

Ask yourself what you are marketing. In our humble opinion too many people involved in MLM are marketing the business opportunity to people who really are not oriented toward business. Instead they should be marketing the product. Essentially, the product will sell the business opportunity, if you become inclined to truly build a business.

If you really are only interested in the product we will show you how to get the product for a significantly reduced price or even for free. It is quite conceivable you will actually make a few bucks in the process. In this approach you provide the leads and we provide the marketing or we provide the leads and you provide the time and follow-up (using marketing tools provided). In either case, you actually sponsor two customers. Those two customers we work with to sponsor two customers.

For you to generate revenue you must be a customer and personally sponsor just two people who become customers. For that to happen you will need between 50 and 100 leads. That may sound like a lot, but you will be surprised just how big a circle of influence you have.

What you have to understand is that behind the scenes there are people working to place customers under you. For example, I had people place over 100 people under me before I even decided the business opportunity was something I would pursue. For you to take advantage of that work you have to personally sponsor two people who become regular customers.

One way to look at the opportunity is to think simply about getting a great product at a competitive price (check out the prices of some products in the supplement market) with the opportunity of getting significant rebates for simply recommending it to others. When done in this manner MLM becomes doable for all of those who would ordinarily fail.

We must be honest, if you really want to generate large amounts of income and wealth you really do need to develop a business and marketing mind set. Maybe once you see some early success you will invest in yourself to get some of those skills so you too can become highly successful.

How to get started with Asea, Now!

Step 1:

Order the product and try it out for 30 days.

Step 2:Either:

Sign up now as an distributor by clicking the join tab at the top of this page.


Contact us using this form and be entered into a quarterly drawing for a FREE 30 day supply of ASEA.

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Asea, Advancing Life
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Asea is changing lives


I started using ASEA only about a month ago and what a difference it has made. For most of my life I have been very anxious internally; anxious and nervous all day and night. I had used anti-anxiety prescription drugs for years to keep the feelings under control. Within just 24 hours those feelings had almost completely disappeared. Was I surprised!

Along another line is the increased endurance I have experienced. While working with horses, moving tons of hay, and the constant chores that need to be done daily, I have experienced greater endurance and substantially less fatigue. I really noticed this moving a ton of hay one day. At 61, I would often have to stop and rest. So while working moving hay I sat down to rest at the point I would normally have to rest. Suddenly I realized that I wasn’t tired or winded; it was just habit to rest at that point. So I got up and moved the rest of the bales of hay without any further resting. And when my wife and I take our horses into the mountains I no longer experience any of the symptoms I normally feel at altitude. Anything over 8000 feet would make me feel really sluggish and my legs very heavy and it was hard to breathe. Recently at over 9000 feet, I had none of those symptoms. The only difference was I had been taking ASEA every day.

Here is what I am really excited about. I get those patches of rough skin that often are recommended be frozen by a dermatologist so they don’t develop into something worse. Putting a couple of drops of ASEA on the skin reduced the area by 90% in just 10 days. No more going to the dermatologist to freeze them off! And I just keep feeling better and better! Peter Warnick, Utah

I have had sinus problems most of my life. Since taking Asea I find myself breathing through my nostrils most of the time for the first time in my life. My wife says I don't snore anymore. I haven't had a cold or the flu since taking Asea (nearly a year now) even though I work most in public schools, which is a hotbed for sicknesses. Finally, I have more energy and wake up easier. CB Portland, Maine

I've checked this product out as thoroughly as I can and was pleasantly surprised by the plurality of positive research done in "conventional" industry for the precursor product. I'm generally healthy and don't have a current focus on athletic performance so I didn't expect much other than preventative aspects from taking ASEA but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the occasional (once/month) migraine that I've had through the years has reduced from routinely taking me out of action for a couple hours and residual headache for the day to being able to work right through with minimal headache afterwards. Bob S Boise, Idaho

Opportunity Knocks

Learn how you can get this life-changing product for free or how you can even turn a profit. Sign up at the bottom of the page and we will even give you an additional free gift:

The Asea Report - Creating Health, Creating Wealth.