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Kick the can

by Sir C
(Wayne, Maine)

Kick the can is one of my children's favorite games. They especially love it when they have all their cousins over. It is actually a game that my parents use to play at their summer camp growing up.

If you are unfamiliar with the game it is like hide and seek, but has children are found they are brought to jail and can only be freed if someone comes and kicks the can. No one can kick the can while the "seeker" is bringing someone to jail. The seeker cannot stand right on top of the can while someone is in jail. This game has always proven to be the most fun at camp because there are plenty of places to hide and sneak up to kick the can. It is not nearly as fun played in a wide open field where the children don't hide and simply try to out number the person who is guarding the can. Often you can find a place where the can is placed that is not out in the open and allows the hiders to sneak up to kick the can.

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