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End Obesity, save our kids!

Everyone knows that obesity has many contributing factors. Of all of those factors one of the easiest to learn about and control is your nutrition.

Understand nutrition and control your weight

Discovering our ideal weight is important, but it isn't without controversy. It is directly related to just how much "mass" you have for your size. There are several different ways to measure your ideal weight and there is a site that provides numerous charts that will help you determine what your weight goals should be.

Our excessive weight has made Americans obsessed with diets, dieting, and spend billions of dollars annually on diet plans, diet products, and diet companies, as well as nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, vegetarian products, and organically grown foods.

Whether you are technically obese or simply over-weight you can naturally lose weight fast. The principles are fairly straight forward. The challenge is following through with the plan and maintaining self discipline.

All these solutions are designed to improve our health by improving what we put into our bodies. With all the information and sometimes seemingly conflicting reports it is no wonder many people become confused and fail to appreciate the importance of nutrition and having good workouts.

Mainstream science has wrong goals - maximum growth rate

According to Dr. Roy L. Walford, author of Maximum Life Span, part of the problem has come from an inappropriate focus from most nutritional scientists such as members of the American Dietary Association, Food and Drug Administration, Department of Agriculture, and American Society of Nutrition.

These scientists focus on optimizing both maximum growth rate and ultimate body size. These measures reduce life span potential and increase the frequency and number of diseases. He is one of several recommended authors.

To control obesity you must exercise!

We also know that to control obesity we not only have to watch what we eat, but we also must be active. One of the great challenges we have today is being physically active. Far too many people have sedentary lifestyles. They sit down all day at work or stand and do a minimal amount of moving about then they come home and sit in front of the computer and television set.

They greatest challenge people face in that of taking action. It is hard. The easy way out is to do nothing. We provide here workouts that will absolutely help you control your weight. You must take the steps. You must act.

The best way to do this is by getting an accountability partner, developing a routine, and keeping a journal. The accountability partner will be the person you train with and must be there to push you along. They will help you provide a routine that develops into a habit. You then need to keep a journal of your progress. Those two steps will be huge in help you follow through with your program.

Exercise and energize

One of the factors that often hold people back from developing an exercise routine and the reason they become obese in the first place is a lack of energy.

There are lots of reasons for this but that lack of energy can be corrected with good nutrition, sleep, and flooding your body with redox signaling molecules.

We have discussed the nutrition piece already. We at this institute have provide three different nutrition programs plus several books on the subject. The programs we offer all work, all have their pros and cons, and all get excellent reviews from our members.

Recommended Programs and Reading

Precision Nutrition, Eating for Energy, and Diet Solution are three excellent programs. You cannot go wrong with any of the three. Each offers something a little bit different so you should check out their sites before deciding which one you want to order. All three will teach you things about nutrition you won't learn in traditional classes. And that is the reason we are here!

There are a number of books on nutrition that will teach you a great deal about health. Obesity is not necessarily covered in each, but the lessons certain apply to those who are obese. You can check out all of those books at our nutrition education page.

Improve your well-being with Redox Signaling Molecules

Our understanding of how our body works has been growing exponentially. We have learned so much about how cells function and operate. At the core, all health issues are cellular issues. This is one reason why gene therapy works for obesity.

Research has also shown that there is an amazing molecule that is at the heart of cellular health. While we know that cells don't function well if any of their components aren't doing their job, it does seem that these redox signaling molecules play a very unique role.

Without these molecules antioxidants among other things wouldn't be able to do their job. Could these molecules help fight obesity? Anecdotal and scientific evidence says these molecules are helping people improve their health and or athletic performance in a variety of ways. As we learn more about how cells function more discoveries will help us all control our weight and the health issues associated with being overweight.

Do yourself a favor and absolutely learn more about these molecules and the only product you can get to flood your system with them - ASEA

Obesity: the emotional and spiritual factors

For all of you who struggle or know someone who struggles with obesity we cannot ignore the impact of the mind and spirit. There are numerous psychological factors that are significant contributors to obesity. Often, but not always, a person who struggles with obesity turns to food to satisfy an emotional craving. They very often also turn away from physical activity at the same time.

More research needs to be done on the impact psychological disorders have on the functioning of the human body. We have learned a great deal about how the human body does not function as well when people are depressed or anxious. It is possible that besides turning to food the body simply doesn't function efficiently and stores more fat than it normally would.

Regardless of the reasons one thing is for certain, if those who struggle with their weight want to make lasting changes they need to consider their mind and memories.

One alternative to investigate would be time line therapy. Time-line Therapy is not without its critics, however, having been trained in those techniques by its creator, Dr. Tad James, and experiencing there value personally I will recommend it.

I will also say that for Christians you will want to be wary as many of the professionals in the field come into it with a humanistic world view. That in and of itself shouldn't disqualify the techniques, but it could disqualify the practitioner.

Obesity and Spirituality

First, we need to be extremely clear, if spiritual remedies were the key to living healthy lives religious people would never get sick or struggle with health issues.

Having said that it is true that spiritual people live longer and healthier than those who aren't. What does it mean to be spiritual?

In general it means a belief in God. There are different conceptions of who God is, but in general spiritual people are deists. Without getting into the debate about religions we need to recognize that when it comes to health and in particular mental health not all religious views are the same.

If you were to accept for a moment the Christian worldview that God exists, is involved in this world, and offers grace to those who seek it, the full acceptance of that would truly allow people to "let go" of a host of negative emotions - guilt, fear, anger etc. Letting go of those emotions would have a tremendous impact on the health of the individual.

Clearly, many obese people have been carrying around much more than excess weight. Now, there are many obese Christians. People who sincerely believe they have been forgiven. What we have found is that many times Christians who know they have found saving grace and believe that completely do not actually let go of their guilt. They simply don't believe they should even though they know they are forgiven intellectually. This impacts their health.

So, the bottom line here is that you need to take care of your spirit. There is nothing sadder than a broken spirit and God does heal. Seek truth on this and then follow through with your complete healing program:

good nutrition diet that controls calories


spiritual/psychological work to change behavior and let go of negative emotions and or memories.

Institute Obesity Fighting Favorite Programs

Asea information page
People who like that site then go here.

Precision Nutrition - OUTSTANDING!

Diet Solution Progam

Eating For Energy

Why do you struggle with your weight? This website gives another perspective.

Here is a blog posting that will be of interest.

Obesity and the brain

For those who want to solve childhood obesity check out this website.

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Precision Nutrition

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Eating for Energy

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