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Stratego Capture the Flag

by Leader CB

There are a couple of variations our scout troop plays of capture the flag. One of them involves incorporating the game of Stratego. In that version there are more than one "flag" put out in the field. You have a parent or adult who has marked each flag so only they will know which is the "real" flag and which is a bomb.If the player brings back a flag that is a bomb they are out of the game until they are released or answer an "impossible" question. How they are released can be adapted but often it involves have them tagged by a teammate. If the player who brings back a "bomb" is a minor they have diffused the bomb and survived. They can immediately rejoin the game. A player can only be captured and sent to jail by someone of a equal or higher rank. For a team's general to be captured they must be captured by the other teams general or a spy. The ranks are numbered 1 to 9. You can alter that depending on the number of kids playing. This is a very fun version of capture the flag and often we play it without the ranks. The kids love it.

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