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Why is Physical Education Important?

Why is physical education important? Imagine for a moment a world where no one knew what they should do to take care of their bodies, perform athletic feats, or maintain any levels of physical fitness. People would often be too sick to work, too unfit to perform even the basic jobs society needs. There would be no recreational opportunities and certainly no means to defend a nation.


Look around today and don’t you see that those who are least productive (not those who are productive in a destructive way such as drug dealers and criminals) in society are those who are the most unhealthy and unfit. Doesn’t that alone make the answer to the question why is physical education important clear?

Components of physical education

The components of physical education are not uniformly decided on. In fact, there has been a long-held debate over the teaching of sports, games, and athleticism over health and fitness. The debate in many communities has lead to the separating of physical education and health education.

The components of physical education need to include the big three factors:

• Athletic skills and knowledge
• Health education
• Fitness

Each of these can be further divided. Athletic skills and knowledge includes things like eye-hand coordination, decision making, court awareness, and game rules. That component should be teaching people the basic skills and rules to compete in individual and team athletics, something that will last them a life-time.

Health education needs to include information about the functioning of the human body and nutrition. It should be teaching such things as how the healing process works in the human body. People need to learn about redox signaling molecules, antioxidants, and free radicals. They need to learn how vitamins and minerals impact the immune system and how all the human systems function.

Fitness needs to teach people how to build strength, endurance, and flexibility. It not only needs to teach the how and why but should be getting people to actually do it. By getting people participating in fitness programs they can develop the routine and habit that, like athletic skills will last a lifetime.

Certainly there is some overlapping between each of these components of physical education. A good curriculum will be sure that students get all three simultaneously. That sometimes is a problem in schools. They don’t get all three or they get them done as separate units.


Why is physical education important? Suffice it to say if people are taught what to do AND given the opportunity to develop the habits being taught they will be more productive, healthier, and lead happier lives.

A complete physical education curriculum and culture established in a school system and community will have tremendous benefits on the wealth and general well-being of that community. Some of the benefits that would be found include:

• Less sick time taken
• Less money spent on long-term healthcare costs
• More community pride through athletic competitions
• Better performance in school and on the job
• Much higher sense of community and personal self-worth.

Can you now understand the answer to the question why is physical education important?

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